Life's Healthiest Binder Whole Food GoodFood Powder Blend

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Good Food Blends are a great way to increase nutrient intake and fill dietary voids. Since they are already macerated they are not taxing on the digestive system. Because they are in powder form and you mix them in liquids or smoothies, it makes the nutrients highly bioavailable, which means that nutrients reach your bloodstream quickly and are absorbed faster than eating fruits and vegetables in whole food form.

Doctors who treat mold illness generally prescribe Cholestyromine to their patients for binding biotoxins. Cholestyromine is the #1 drug for biotoxin illness, and is also a cholesterol lowering medication that binds to bile acids that contain toxins. So, while it may be helping with mold illness, it's also lowering cholesterol which is important for brain and hormone health. Because this drug is a powerful binder, it will worsen constipation and if you are mold sick, you probably already have gut health and motility issues. Cholestyromine works by interrupting the re-absorption and allowing bile acids to be removed through fecal matter. 
If Cholestyromine does not resonate got you and you want a more natural, less toxic binder, these options are all excellent.

Whole Food Binder

Good Food Medicine...Using Nutrition To Promote Health And To Decrease The Risk of Disease & Illness.

CIRS, Mold illness, Lyme disease, Parasitic infections and other health conditions can disrupt the digestive system creating chronic constipation.  When that happens, traditional binders cannot be used because they worsen constipation.  Whole Food Binder is a blend of foods that are superior at binding metals, pathogens, toxins and escorting them out of the body while relieving constipation, cleaning the GI system and clearing organs. 
Whole Food Binder delivers the perfect balance of constipation relieving foods that improve digestion, elimination and naturally bind pathogens to help your body eliminate them.  

Ingredients:  Beetroot, Broccoli Sprout, Wild BlueBerry, Okra, Dandelion (pre-binder).
*Pair With WHOLE FOOD DRAINAGE For Best Results